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Michael Johnson


We are in the home stretch of our campaign to change the lives and the fortunes of the residents in District 6.  Only 4 days left until Election Day!


Change is hard, and the old guard doesn't want to let go of the past.  But over the last 18 months we have met you, talked with you and listened to you. We heard you loud and clear! You want new leadership, a new direction and a NEW HOPE FOR OAKLAND!


For the next 4 days we are going to be focused on turning out the vote that will lead to the change that you want and so desperatey need.


No more talking about what needs to be done, now is the time to get it done. Now is the time to make our voices heard with the votes that we cast between now and November 4th.


There are 55,000 residents who live in District 6. 32,000 of the residents in District 6 are of voting age and eligible to vote. 26,000 are actually registered to vote. Projections for Election Day (next Tuesday) are that in District 6 only 14,000 of us will actually cast a ballot when all is said and done.


I've heard from a lot of residents who are confused or frustrated (or both) about the prospect of ranked choice voting.  Don't be.  Let me explain. If you want change, in the race for District 6, it's simple! In fact it's rather easy to explain.  ABD! It's easy as 1-2-3!


So what is ABD?  Anybody But Desley!  Here's how it works!


Step 1: I respectfully ask that you Mark me, Michael V. Johnson (Registered and Life-long Democrat) as your 1st preference - the candidate you LOVE - in the 1st Column.


Step 2: Mark your 2nd preference (Taking your pick from the other candidates who represent change in District 6, either James Moore or Shereda Nosakhare) - the candidate you LIKE in the 2nd column.


Step 3: Mark your 3rd preference - either Shereda Nosakhare or James Moore, the remaining candidate representing CHANGE in the 3rd column.


Here are 5 key facts to remember about Rank Choice Voting (RCV)


  1. You can rank up to 3 candidates on your ballot. 

  2. You have 1 vote. That vote counts for 1 candidate - whichever candidate is ranked highest on your ballot and is still in the race.

  3. Ranking a 2nd or 3rd choice will NEVER hurt your 1st choice. Your ballot only counts for one candidate at a time.

  4. The only time your 2nd choice matters is if your 1st choice is eliminated.

  5. Ranking only 1 choice or ranking the same candidate for all 3 choices does not help your 1st choice candidate.


Whether you use the ABD strategy, rank only 1 choice or rank the same candidate for all three choices, whatever you do make me, Michael V. Johnson, your 1st choice and make sure that you leave the incumbent completely off of your ballot!


You'll find my name at the bottom of the ballot. I would recommend that you vote your ballot for City Council District 6 from the bottom up. View the case that I make for change by clicking on the link below!


The time for CHANGE has come! CHANGE is only 4 days away. I believe that I am the change that District 6 and the City of Oakland needs to see on City Council! Thank you for your support and your 1st place vote!


Latest News



Rarely do you see Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks shrink from a good fight. But, running against three challengers who are all vigorously ringing the bell of change for the downtrodden East Oakland district, Brooks was left scampering for suitable responses during a candidates forum last week.

” Johnson's performance caught many by surprise last Thursday night for being measured, intelligent, but also forceful. No better example of Johnson’s rhetorical talents were on display last week than when he creatively pivoted on the word “change” in reference to a question on the city adapting to climate change. The response was akin to Johnson pinching Brooks under the table while smiling for the audience. “For us to actually affect change we need to make a change in District 6,” said Johnson. He added the city doesn’t have a suitable policy for fighting climate change. “Since we don’t have one, we can’t expect to get one from where we’ve been and how to get to where we want to go. The first thing we need to do is recognize, if we don’t have something and it’s been there for a long time, then you can’t expect that to happen going forward.

”Next, Johnson pounded away at the district’s lack of fresh grocery options. “District 6 is the economic donut hole that exists in Oakland. Development is going on all over Oakland, but not District 6,” said Johnson. One grocery store serving a community of 55,000, said Johnson, “suggests that we have negligible quality of life.” Johnson’s statement appeared to rattled Brooks, whose answers from thereon were delivered in a rambling fashion. The pace of her speech quickened only making her answers seem unsure and less effective. Brooks boasted of creating community gardens in the district and, in fact, has been working on bringing national chain grocery store to the area, she said, but the dissolution of redevelopment agencies by Gov. Jerry Brown two years ago scuttled one plan for three stores.

“What we allow is what will continue,” Johnson continued. He recalls having restaurants and places to play in East Oakland. “What in the world has happened to District 6?” said Johnson. “I have lived in this community for 50 years…no one needs to tell me how things use to be, I was there.”





OAKLAND, CA July 3, 2014 – Michael V. Johnson, candidate for Oakland City Council in District 6, announced today that he will host a grand opening for his “Hope 4 Oakland” Campaign Headquarters on Monday, August 4th at 6:00 pm. The Campaign Headquarters will be located at 6502 International Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94621.

This event is open to the public and free to attend. Children are invited to participate. People may RSVP by calling 510-735-6570 or by emailing your name and number of guests to

For more information about Michael’s candidacy, visit


Michael Johnson, 51, said he will end infighting on the council and boost efforts to fight crime, foster development and repair the City's crumbling infrastructre.

Campaign Blog

Dear Councilwoman Brooks,

We wish to address the rapid escalation in both violent and property crime against the people within the community. All of us have been affected by the extremely dangerous rapid escalation of criminal activity around us. The quality of life in our community has suffered. Our neighborhood is not being served, and we demand an increase in police services, including greater consistency of NCPC Liaison between the neighborhood and OPD. We demand that the City of Oakland provide a fair allocation of protective services to our area. Since 2010, our neighborhoods have experienced:

  • a rise in aggravated assault with firearms that is up over 20%,
  • armed robberies have DOUBLED and
  • residential robbery is up nearly 40%.

This is in stark contrast to the glowing newspaper article authored by Mayor Quan and Police Chief Whent. Per measure Y,

  • Area 5 contains the four most stressed police beats in the city, when measured for various socio-economic factors.
  • Beat 29X and part of 29Y (as mapped in Crimemapping[6]) stated 1,648 reported crimes in the last 180 days, with 438 occurring in 2014 alone (as of 2/21/14).

Actual numbers are much higher, as many crimes go unreported. While it is possible that conditions have improved in certain areas, they have seriously degraded in ours, and residents are feeling terrified as a result. We are trying to deal with these issues ourselves.

  • We have formed crime prevention groups to create awareness through social media to share information.
  • We have installed alarms and fenced out threats (as well as our neighbors).
  • We have networked many cameras and upgraded our security doors and windows.
  • We have lit our yards, purchased dogs, and removed landscaping.

Long term residents and new homeowners alike are equally appalled at the increase in crime and the inability, or inaction, on the part of Oakland’s Government to address our area’s distressing issues.  The City Council and Mayor’s office will lose the votes of our neighbors if they are not addressed immediately.

You should consider Area Five a “swing state”, with no guarantee of voter support in the future if something is not done. That our representatives can sit blithely by and make statements of success while we watch what is taking place around us speaks to the level of detachment that some in our city government have to the needs of their constituents. We demand that you take notice, and more importantly, take action, now. We will continue to raise awareness, meet and share information and fully intend to hold the elected officials of City of Oakland accountable if these issues are not addressed. We will NOT be ignored.




Concerned community members of OPD Area 5